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Brooke Haas

Brooke Haas

Location: Jacksonville, FL

Favorite WOD: DT

Favorite Movement: Muscle Up or Clean

Max Snatch: 200lbs.

Max Clean & Jerk: 250lbs.

Isabel Time: Sub 2min

Fran Time: Sub 2min

Favorite Meal: Anything off the smoker

Favorite Cheat Meal: If Chips & Salsa can be considered a cheat meal then yep-that’s it!

What are three at-home activities you use supplement gym training?

ROMWOD daily, Ruck Runs, and Core work.

What movement were you really bad at and how did you improve?

Bar Muscle Ups. I took apart the movement and spent the time building the foundation of the movement (pulling strength, grip strength, midline stability) then I practiced drills to help with timing of the pull and turnover.

What are the three most important pieces of equipment to have at home?

My Squat/Pull Up Rig, Concept 2 Bike Erg, and Dumbbells

How would you recommend to an athlete who hasn’t PR’d in a while to break through the plateau?

If its a specific lift, do a 4-6 week strength cycle (including deload weeks), if its a specific Metcon, time or energy system you could see what the limiting factor is by testing it, then train those specifically for a short period and see improvement and potentially PR!

Career Competition Highlights

  • 14-18 Regional qualifier.
  • 2019 & 2020 Individual Games Qualifier
  • 2020 Team Games Qualifier (ROMWOD MeatSquad)
  • 6th at WZA in 2020 (Team)
  • 10th at Rouge Invitational in 2019 (Indy)
  • 1st at Filthy 150 in 2019 (Team)
  • 2nd at The French Throwdown in 2019 (Team)

Top 5 Playlist Tracks

  • $ave Dat Money- Lil’ Dickey
  • 21 Savage- A Lot
  • Saint-Tropez- Post Malone
  • 0 to 100- Drake
  • Heartless- The Weekend

How do you mentally prepare for max out day / competition?

I ensure I’ve pulled back on training a bit to help recover some, do extra mobility, eat/hydrate correctly, and visualize moments throughout the competition and how I’m going to execute.

When and how do you taper your training to peak for competition?

Usually a week out, we decrease my lifting volume and then 3 days out my gymnastic volume.

Welcome to the team, Brooke!

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