Bumper Tree Storage Rack - Out of Stock

Bumper Tree Storage Rack - Out of Stock

Bumper Tree Storage Rack - Out of Stock

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The Again Faster® Bumper Tree Storage Rack sets the new standard for storing a lot of gear in a small amount of space. This versatile unit not only holds up to 1,650lbs of bumpers, but also allows you to store two barbells vertically, making it the perfect storage solution for both affiliates and home gyms. Designed with stability and ergonomics in mind, this bumper tree with barbell storage is a safe and efficient unit that belongs in any gym.


Unlike similar products on the market, our unique design allows you to store full-sized bumper or metal plates on all three levels, providing a versatile solution to storing a wide variety plates.
With two barbell holders built into the base, the storage tree is the ideal all-in-one storage solution, whether you re lifting weights in your garage, affiliate, or strength and conditioning facility.
With an upright and base constructed of 11-gauge steel, the bumper tree is sturdy no matter how much weight it holds, ensuring that you have a safe place to store your collection of bumpers.
Made with six zinc-plated horizontal posts, this unit allows your bumpers to easily slide on and off, promising to reduce the wear-and-tear on the collars of your bumper plates.
Hardware and assembly instructions included.


The Again Faster® Bumper Tree Storage Rack should be placed on a solid and even surface to ensure stability and safety. We recommend heavier plates be loaded on the bottom pegs and that no more than 1,740lbs be loaded onto the storage rack at a time. Barbell storage holders are intended for standard men s and women s barbells. All Product Guarantees will be voided if used for anything other than their intended use.


Footprint: 2.5 x 2 x 5 
Weight: 68.2lbs
Barbell holder capacity: holds 2 standard men's and women's barbells
Barbell Posts: 13 of usable space on 6 individual horizontal posts 
Total weight capacity: 1,740lbs
Hardware: 5/8" diameter