Competition Speed Rope - Out of Stock

Competition Speed Rope - Out of Stock

Competition Speed Rope - Out of Stock

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The Again Faster® Competition Speed Rope is made with knurled, aluminum handles, each with multiple ball bearings, these handles are fast, smooth and offer a slightly heavier feel than traditional plastic anchors. Shipped with both a lightweight and a medium weight cable in each set, athletes can choose which combination works best for them. Customize your jump rope from day-to-day by training heavy or training light. Either way, the Competition Speed Rope will be the perfect gym bag staple for the next time double-unders are on the whiteboard.


  • The Again Faster Competition Speed Rope is the heaviest-handle speed rope we make, with knurled, aluminum handles and ball bearings that provide the perfect amount of heft once you get it them spinning.
  • Knurled handles are designed thicker at the bottom to provide a more ergonomic feel in the hands.
  • Designed with steel eyelets to thread the cable, these handles are guaranteed to be long-lasting and durable.
  • Shipped with one lightweight cable and one medium weight cable, both coated with a thick and dense plastic coating, these jump ropes offer versatility and durability when stored and used properly.
  • Easily adjustable, these are the perfect solution for the individual athlete looking to add a fast, durable, and versatile conditioning tool to their workouts or competitions.
  • Using a simple turn screw collar design, these speed ropes are easily adjusted any time you need a little bit more, or a little bit less, rope clearance.
  • Distinguish your jump rope from other athletes by selecting from a variety of handle colors.

Intended athletes: Intermediate to advanced
Cable Speed: Moderate speed rope and fast rope provided
Handle Weight: Medium-Heavy
Cable Colors: Ships with Red- medium weight and Blue- lightweight
Handle Color: Various color options available


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