2.0 Cords - Pair

2.0 Cords - Pair

2.0 Cords - Pair

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CROSSOVER CORDS 2.0 are the safest, most durable cords on the planet.  The 2.0 Cords have been independently tested to last over 15 times longer than the previous model. We are so confident in the new 2.0 Cords that we have extended the warranty period from 6 months to 2 years.

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The Crossover Cords feature a unique handle to carabiner configuration allowing for easy setup anywhere. The full-length nylon sleeve protects the cord from UV rays, over-stretching, and injury from breakage.
(Sold in pairs. Does not include exercise instruction)

  • Safety sleeve protects against injury
  • Lasts 15 times longer than previous model
  • Industry leading 2 year warranty
  • Carabiner allows for set up anywhere
  • Available in 6 resistances