EZ Flex Elite Fitness Mat - 6ft x 10ft

EZ Flex Elite Fitness Mat - 6ft x 10ft

EZ Flex Elite Fitness Mat - 6ft x 10ft

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Intensely versatile, the FlexFit Elite Fitness Mat makes a valuable addition to any fitness gym or program. It's a great mat for helping beginners become comfortable with new drills, and for anyone who wants to take their performance to the next level. It provides a firm surface for stability with excellent shock absorption for high-intensity workouts.

Constructed of high-quality materials, like our super-lightweight 1-1/4"-thick foam and lightly textured, durable vinyl surface, the FlexFit Elite Fitness Mat is built to last. The FlexFit mat's flexible rolling feature makes it incredibly fast and easy to roll out for classes or individual workouts, and back up for storage. When on the go, our lightweight foam keeps the mats easy to handle and maneuver, making transporting a breeze.

  • Great for a variety of workouts, skills, and skill-levels
  • 9 colors available
  • 1-1/4"-thick foam for superior shock absorption
Shipping: Mats ship in 2-3 weeks.

Note: Do not drop weights on mats. Dropping weights may damage the mats and void the warranty.