Team Barbell 2.0 - Out of Stock

Team Barbell 2.0 - Out of Stock

Team Barbell 2.0 - Out of Stock

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Our goal with the Again Faster® Team Barbell was to design a piece of equipment that matches the performance and quality of other elite level competition bars, while making it durable and affordable enough to be an everyday barbell for any athlete or gym. The result is a strong, smooth, and precise barbell that can take a beating and still perform like a bar that costs three times as much.

Hybrid bearing-bushing design provides unmatched spin and durability

A combination of needle bearings and ball bearings provide speed to hit that olympic lift with ease, while the self-lubricating bushings stabilize the collars and enhance durability so you can tackle even the most intense crosstraining workout. 

And every bar is backed by a lifetime warranty.



  • Again Faster Team Barbells are manufactured from 209,000 PSI tensile strength spring steel, putting it among some of the strongest bars on the market.
  • These barbells have been tuned to have a balanced flex, making them great for WODs as well as heavier powerlifting and Olympic lifting. This is truly an all-in-one barbell.
  • A combination of needle and ball bearings in the collars create a smooth, reliable spin, while bushings set inside the inner and outer ends of the collar protect those bearings from heavy, repetitive impacts.


20kg or 15kg
28mm or 25mm
Bearing/Bushing Hybrid
Mild to Moderate
Center Knurl
Knurl Marks
Black Chrome
Tensile Strength
209K PSI
Limited Lifetime

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