XSR Slim Rig + Barbell + 260lb Crumb Bumper Set - Currently Out of Stock

XSR Slim Rig + Barbell + 260lb Crumb Bumper Set - Currently Out of Stock

XSR Slim Rig + Barbell + 260lb Crumb Bumper Set - Currently Out of Stock



Out of Stock.

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20kg Evolution Bar - Included Select
15kg Evolution Bar - Out of Stock Select
20kg Team Bar 2.0 - [+$50.00] Select
15kg Team Bar 2.0 - [+$50.00] Select
XSR Distance from wall
Standard 1ft (12in) Select
Extended 2ft (24in) - Select
Bundled Uprights
8ft Upright Pair Select
Bundled XSR Flyaway Beams
Bundled XSR Pull-up Bar
Bundled XSR J-Cups
Bundled 45lb Pair
Bundled 35lb Pair
Bundled 25lb Pair
Bundled 10lb Pair
Bundled Collars
Bundled 15lb Pair
Heavy-Duty Flat Bench [+$129.00]
Dip Station Attachment [+$99.00]
Spotter Arm Pair [+$129.00]
Weight Storage Pegs [+$20.00]
Garage Gym Timer [+$99.00]
3n1 Wood Plyo 30x24x20 [+$99.00]

XSR Wall-Mounted Slim Rig + Evolution Bar + 260lb Crumb Bumper Set + Spring Collars

XSR Slim Rig

The new XSR wall-mounted squat rack/pull-up rig is the perfect setup for someone who wants to save floor space without having to deal with any folding parts. Another great feature to this is the distance of the fly away bar, this allows you to leave a bar loaded on the rack while using the pull-up bar.

- Two 8ft Uprights
- Four Crossbeams - 1ft or 2ft
- Two Flyaway Bar attachments
- One Pull-up bar
- One Pair of J-Cups
- Rig Assembly Hardware

Evolution Barbell

Again Faster® Evolution Barbells, like the rest of the barbells in our lineup, consistently outperforms their price. Designed to be the answer for high volume training on a budget, these are a perfect solution for gym owners looking to get fully stocked on barbells, or an athlete looking to start a home gym.

Crumb Rubber Bumpers

Extremely durable, color coded and engineered to solve all of the problems generally associated with recycled rubber plates, the Crumb Rubber Bumpers are the next evolution of the bumper plate. These plates are distinctive in every way, and the result of an inside-out approach to improving one of the most commonly used products in the functional fitness world.

260lb Set Includes:
-1x 10lb pair
-1x 15lb pair
-1x 25lb pair
-1x 35lb pair
-1x 45lb pair


Thickness (MM) +/- 2: 
10lb: 28.45 
15lb: 39.37 
25lb: 51.79 
35lb: 65.91 
45lb: 81.33 
55lb: 101.09 

Collar Opening (MM): 50.5 

Weight: within +/- 1.5%