Embrace Them Thighs

By Juli Bauer

I am a woman. I CrossFit daily. My inner thighs touch. And I love CrossFit because of it.

CrossFit has completely altered my perception of women. It has proven to me that I will never again envy an incredibly frail woman for her lack of figure. It has made me care less about the pant size I wear and more about my 1 rep max snatch. And it has shown me that a woman who CrossFits has a sex appeal matched by no other.

As women, we are often taught to fit into a certain mold. At least I was. I listened to the media, looked at all the magazines and bought into the bullsh*t that told me to look a certain way. I hated myself for having cellulite, for having a big ass, and for having thighs that touched together. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Hating myself because my thighs are close together? Give me an effing break. But that’s what I did. Hated myself. And the more I told myself all these negative things, the more I actually believed I wasn’t worth anything. Stupid, bloody stupid.

But then CrossFit popped into my life. I instantly looked up to women for snatching 95lbs and doing muscle ups so effortlessly. I didn’t care about what they were wearing. I didn’t give a sh*t about the lack of makeup they wore. And I sure as hell didn’t give a f*ck about their inner thighs touching.

These Crossfit women changed my life. Just by working out. If that ain’t f*ckin epic, I don’t know what is.

But seriously, being a woman is pretty cool in itself, but being a strong CrossFit woman is wicked cool. We get to prove to ourselves daily that nothing scares us. We walk into our CrossFit gym with a glowing confidence, all because we know that when we hear “3..2…1…GO” WE are the ones in control of that moment. WE are the only thing standing between us and that barbell. And WE have the capability of changing our own lives, right then and there. And that’s some pretty powerful sh*t.

As women, every workout we do leads us in a better direction. A stronger one. A direction that is filled with empowerment and proof that we can conquer anything. I pick up a barbell trying to PR on my back squat, and my entire day is changed from that single moment. That moment, of feeling the weight on my back, having the confidence to break below parallel, and KNOWING I will succeed. I will be stronger than yesterday. And I will fight what the media and pop culture says is “beautiful”. I will refuse to listen. And I will create my own vision of what sexy is. Because my strength is what will make me feel sexy. And I will be damned before I let anyone tell me that my inner thighs touching is unattractive.

CrossFit changes lives people. It gives us drive, gives us focus, and it gives us a purpose. And as women, we strive for a purpose. We yearn for something greater than what we have, something greater than what we were given. Our workouts give us something to look forward to everyday. They prove to us that we can pretty much grow muscles in our armpits if we put our mind to it. We sweat. We bleed. We cry. We heave. We say “That was the worst wod I’ve ever done” then follow up the next day saying the exact same thing. AND WE KEEP DOING IT. We put ourselves through physical pain, daily, just to figure out what our purpose is. I know what my purpose is….to grow them thighs so I can squat more. Boom.

What’s your purpose?

Juli Bauer is a regular contributor to Again Faster and the sole author of PaleOMG. She coaches at CrossFit Broadway in Denver, CO. Photo of Camille Leblanc-Bazinet courtesy of Patrick Cummings.