Dynamics of a Bro–Session

By Dave Lipson

The dynamics of a bro session are quite unique, with an intangible je ne sais quoi that makes it special compared to your run-of-the-mill workout. There are, though, many commonalities of an awesome bro session:

Bro sessions often occur in closed spaces, like garages or makeshift training facilities, or the close quarters of an oly platform or squat rack. The gym can be huge, but your world is tiny--just you, your bros and some weight.

Over-aggressive decisions due to peer pressure regarding weight, intensity, and limits are often made during the bro-session.

Expect to do things you have never done before regarding performance, technique and standards…and safety. “Was that legit?”…”Oh yeah, totally legal!”

If you find yourself saying, ”You got this bro!” and “I’m all pinkies!” when you’re spotting, you’re probably in a full blown bro-session.

Warm-ups are frowned upon in a bro-session.

You can never “no–rep” a bro.

Fist-bumping, followed by explosions, unique hand-slapping sequences, as well as hitting, massaging, and pounding signify the bond amongst bros.

If your wife, girlfriend, or significant other swears she “doesn’t know you anymore” during the bro-session, you’re doing it right.

Double meat, double che, no bread…sounds like a post-sesh meal.

Bro-sessions are memorable, not just for the epic fails and new PRs, but the bond of the bros you shared it with.

Dave Lipson is a CrossFit Level One trainer and a Games competitor in 2009. Photograph of Spencer Hendel and Natan Geva at CrossFit Brisbane courtesy of Patrick Cummings.