Under the Yellow Light

By Patrick Cummings ,  By Ian Wittenber

Last month, over a million unique web-travelers stopped in for a sip of knowledge from Mark Sisson's website, Mark's Daily Apple. On any given day, they were offered subjects as varied as a Sweet and Tart Rhubarb and Berry Dessert Sauce, 5 Common Nutritional Deficiencies, and Should You Chew Your Child's Foods?

Mark has written a handful of best-selling books, including The Primal Blueprint, and is considered amongst the leaders of the Paleo revolution currently swelling amongst many in the country and within the CrossFit community.

After graduating from Williams College with a degree in Biology, Mark forewent medical school in pursuit of a running career, first, and eventually competed as a triathlete, finishing 4th at the 1982 Hawaiian Ironman World Championships.

Retiring from competition in 1988, beat up from overtraining and a weakened immune system and determined to understand why, Mark turned back to his passion for understanding the human body and health with, what he says, "an intense desire to unlock the health secrets that I knew were out there – answers to questions about health, wellness, anti-aging, safe weight-loss, nutrition and supplementation – to find the natural ways of achieving good health."

He authored several health and fitness books, including The Lean Lifestyle Program, and started a nutritional supplement business which still thrives today. 

In 2006, he took to the internet, founding Mark's Daily Apple.

Our cameras caught up with Mark at his Malibu home recently, where we spoke with him about his philosophy that our actions and our decisions should be based on what we understand our evolutionary requirements to be, not simply what our technology currently allows for. "If we do everything that we do through a lens of evolution, or through a filter that uses an establish evolutionary point of view, then some of these choices become pretty easy."

Photographed by Ian Wittenber, edited by Patrick Cummings.