SFH Fish Oil & Whey Protein

By Jon Gilson

Stronger Faster Healthier Fish Oil Whey Protein

I’ve been hesitant to carry supplements at Again Faster.  Hesitant, because everyone has a magic pill or potion, results in a can, and I think that’s bullshit.

Nothing you can ingest is a substitute for hard work and whole foods.  Unfortunately, that does not shame the multi-billion dollar supplements industry into submission.  It does quite the opposite.  They’ve always got something new, a way to trick the body to grow faster, burn fat without effort, buffer pain signals, make the magic without the effort.  Of course, they do so in an environment devoid of regulation, no double-blind, peer reviewed studies necessary, no stage three trials, no approval needed, except the explicit endorsement of inclusion on the shelves of GNC or the Vitamin Shoppe.

I refused to sell supplements at Again Faster, regardless of their social acceptability, on the grounds that doing so was tantamount to bowing to the twin demons of popular demand and economic reality: I could satisfy demand while making a buck, ignoring the fact that food is food and supplements are powders, ignoring the fact that there is no shortcut to true athleticism.  I wouldn’t ignore facts then, and I won’t ignore them now, although you’ll find Stronger Faster Healthier (SFH) protein powder and fish oil on the site, starting today.

Stronger Faster Healthier Fish Oil Recovery Whey Protein  

Why?  I met Patricia Leighton of SFH, and she agreed with me.  Eat food.  Always.  Powder is a last stop, used only in specific recovery protocols and when real food simply isn’t available.  That quickly, she became the first person in the supplements industry I didn’t want to punch in the face.  

She didn’t tell me it would make women hotter and men stronger.  She didn’t tell me it would boost my deadlift.  She just showed me the product, whey protein and fish oil without the outsized performance claims, without the laundry list of non-natural ingredients.  She told me about SFH’s origins in elder care, of developing a protein supplement that wouldn’t upset fragile stomachs, about making products to keep people healthy rather than sell them on an unobtainable dream. 

Finally, we talked about their marketing, the Stronger Faster Healthier approach.  It wasn’t about sex appeal, tans and biceps and breasts.  It was, and is, product based, pure and simple.  If the stuff is good, people will buy it.  If it does what SFH says it does, people will buy it.  No need to take out print ads, no need to try to scream louder than the industry, no need to put hot girls in sparkly suits at the booth.   Just make product that works.  

I love that.

At the core, that’s exactly what we’re about at Again Faster: product that works, information that’s real, and an educated customer making an informed choice.  Of all the “magic pills” out there, I know two that actually work: post-workout protein and daily fish oil.  I know, because I take them myself, and I have for years.  Now you can find them at Again Faster, and you’ll only find Stronger Faster Healthier.  We’re proud to have them onboard.

Stronger Faster Heathier Fish Oil & Whey Protein

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