When Life Throws You Lemons, Eat Broccoli

By Juli Bauer

Please raise your hand if you are an emotional eater. If you are a CrossFitter, most likely you are one. Don’t act like your Sunday-Cheat Day isn’t backed by emotional turmoil of depriving yourself the entire week.

We all do it. If you don’t, you’re probably a boring human being. Fact.

So in my refusal to be a boring person, I will admit it now: my name is Juli, and I’m an emotional eater. Straight up. When CrossFit throws me a lemon, I want lemon pie. I eat my feelings. Food is pretty much my boyfriend, best friend, soul mate.

Food is what fuels us. Food is what keeps us functioning. And food is what brings us together. Weirdly enough, CrossFit does the same exact thing.

But the thing about CrossFit is…sometimes it really blows. Like “why the hell am I even doing this?” blows. We go into the gym, eagerly awaiting a workout that will make us stronger, and then it sucks. It makes us feel broken. It makes us feel defeated. And it makes us question why we are doing this to ourselves.

Have you ever sat on the couch, after a workout, and thoughts bombarded your brain?

“Why the hell am I eating this way if it’s not making me faster?”
“Why am I doing this to my body and not getting any better?”
“Why can’t I lift that?”
“Why the f*ck does my ass look so fat after I did over a thousand squats this week?”
“I want some f*cking ice cream.”

That was pretty much my life story last week. Injuries led to frustration. Frustration led to emotional obsessing. Emotional obsessing led to paleo brownies. F*cking paleo brownies. They’ll get ya every time.

So how do we find that balance? How do we control our emotions, stay away from the food we don’t need, and stick with CrossFit even when it’s not working in our favor?

We just do it. Plain and simple. We forget about all the frustrating moments in the gym, all the moments where we were disgustingly upset or more frustrated than we knew possible, and remember the sole reason we eat the way we do and why we CrossFit. Because we love it. Because it makes us better people. Because it creates the person we want to be.

So what are you going to do with the lemons CrossFit has thrown at you? Are you going to squeeze the lemons into your eyes to help you tear up more? Are you going to make lemon pie and eat until you no longer have taste buds? Or are you going to squeeze the lemons on your fresh broccoli, pull on your favorite pair of Lulu’s, and get back in the gym?

It’s your choice.

Juli Bauer is a regular contributor to Again Faster and the sole author of PaleOMG. She coaches at CrossFit Broadway in Denver, CO.