Again Faster Grips

by Jon Gilson

Again Faster Grips

In this product video, Jon Gilson, owner of Again Faster and a CrossFit Level One Seminar Staff member, describes the
Again Faster Grips.

Gymnastic Grips

Unlike traditional gymnastic grips, our grips don't have a dowel on the inside of the palm that actually aids your grip. Our grips are meant to protect the hands of athletes, like CrossFitters, that do a lot or bar work like pull ups, toes-to-bar, and knees-to-elbows. We made our grips so you can get in that volume of training and have something between your hand and the bar to reduce friction on your skin, keeping you from ripping.  

Again Faster Grips are really simple to use.

Pick up a pair of grips whether you are going to use them all the time in training or if you are just going to use them to get through a competition. If you have any questions about our gymnastic grips, about sizing them or anything else, please email customer service at or call us at 617-460-5999.