Again Faster Evolution Pullup Rig Product

by Jon Gilson


The Evolution Pullup Rig was designed to solve three problems: lack of grip, lack of stability, and lack of versatility. We kept the good features of existing pullup rigs while throwing out the bad, resulting in a superior product at a competitive price point.

Grip is an ongoing issue with powdercoated pullup rigs. If the powdercoat is too smooth, the athlete keeps their skin but can’t hold on.  Too rough, grip isn’t an issue, but tearing occurs.  We solved the issue by throwing out the powdercoated grip surface. Instead, the Evolution Pullup Rig uses smooth, high grip zinc-coated pullup bars. In our hands-on testing, we found that zinc, when combined with normal gymnastics chalk, resulted in a positive, non-slip grip without the addition of texture or tape, unlike powdercoated alternatives.

The Evolution Pullup Rig can be wall mounted or floor mounted. While stability is rarely a problem in wall-mounted applications, we introduced the Kickstand to enhance stability in floor-mounted applications. The Kickstand works much like an architectural buttress, resisting lateral forces while redirecting them to the ground, thereby arresting lateral movement. The Kickstand also doubles as weight storage, using mass to enhance stability while creating a convenient place to keep bumper plates.

Ring Tower attachments allow you to hang gymnastics rings from the Evolution Pullup Rig without utilizing or compromising valuable pullup space. These flyaway towers give you a 10’ mounting point without increasing the footprint of the Evolution Rig, saving space and cash, while keeping all of your pullup bars available for continuous use.

All Evolution Pullup Rig uprights are drilled for j-hooks, allowing the 44” bays to serve as squat racks, further enhancing utility and versatility.

The Evolution Pullup Rig is available in wall-mounted or floor-mounted versions. Uprights are 9’6” tall, and individual bays measure 44” or 76” wide. All crossbars and uprights are 2”x2”, 11-gauge steel, and zinc-coated pullup bars are 1” in diameter. Rustproof zinc hardware is included with all Rig assemblies, with the exception of wall anchors. Wall mounting should be done by a qualified professional using appropriate hardware. J-cups are fully welded and include high-density plastic inserts, preventing damage to barbells.

Pullup Bars can be mounted from 7’ to 8’6”, accommodating all athlete heights, and J-Cups adjust from 2’ to 6’3” for benching, squatting, and pressing.

The Evolution Pullup Rig can be customized to any space, and is easily expanded to accommodate future demand. Our staff can help you determine the ideal configuration for your facility. Contact us anytime at 617-460-5999 or email


Downloadable Again Faster Evolution Pullup Rig CAD Drawings and Options

Floor Mounted and Wall Mounted Pullup Rig Configurations


Pullup Rig from Again Faster