Austin Malleolo - 2012 CrossFit Games Bound

By Yosh Stoklosa

Again Faster Competition Team Athlete Austin Malleolo

Austin Malleolo, Reebok | CrossFit One, finished in 1st place at the 2012 CrossFit Games North East Regional. We caught up with Austin and asked him a few questions as he prepares for the 2012 CrossFit Games. 

AF: What was your transformation/story/how did you get into CrossFit?

AM: I was a personal trainer in a health club and a fellow trainer asked me if I had heard about cf and I said no, then he had me perform fran, I did it in 4:55 and it was horrible, I was hooked ever since it took about a month to fully transform my workouts then I get all my seminars and certs and it has been a fast track ever since.


AF: Is there anything that you have done differently this year that you believe has helped you qualify/prepare for the Games?

AM: I have a coach in EC Syncowski and she has been amazing, and my focus has been on technique and becoming a better mover and this has led to huge PR's in my technical lifts as well as over all better efficiency in all of my movements.


AF: What are you doing in the next few weeks to prepare for the Games?

AM: Any thing and everything that you would rarely do in training to prepare for an odd ball WOD. Lots of volume and lots of rest. Its all go all the time.


AF: What are your programming predictions for the WODs?

AM: A long trail run…. And a traditional track and fired event as well as a bench press.