Again Faster Double Under Training Pack

Again Faster Double Under Training Pack

By Erica

Double Under Training Pack

Learn to get consistent double unders for your CrossFit training. The Double Under Training Pack was designed by 5-time World Champion jumper Molly Metz. It is a succession of training tools and ropes used by competitive CrossFit and Jump Rope champions around the world. The package comes complete with 4 training tools/ropes to get you on the path to perfecting your double unders.


Step 1 - Speed Balls

Speed Balls are a fantastic way to not only evaluate your arms' ability to turn the jump rope, they are also an amazing way to get your arms and wrists in shape. Since each arm/wrist works independently, using the speed balls helps to evaluate your technique and not allow the weaker arm/wrist to coast off the ability of the stronger teaching your arms the need for symmetry. Speed balls help you focus on your wrists and your 'flick flick' motion for achieving good double under form. Practicing in front of a mirror with the speed balls will quickly help you to improve your form.


Step 2 - Beaded Rope

Heavy and resistant to movement through the air, the beaded rope is a perfect warm up tool for the gym (regardless of Double Unders in the WOD) and a perfect training device for developing strong arms for jumping. The increased weight is also good for strong athletes who are developing jumping mechanics- the added weight provides a great reference for repeatable double unders while jumping. 


Step 3 - Training Rope

The thicker PVC cord of this rope provides the needed weight and air resistance for training, while the cord's bend-ability accommodates for a jumper's mistakes. Perfect for a beginning jumper who is not yet ready for the speed rope, and perfect for a competitive athlete looking to buff up their jumping skills. Lightweight and FAST: This rope is perfect for double-unders and speed events!
Take caution with the rope. While durable, it has difficulty on concrete and in cold weather.


Step 4 - Rev Rope X

The Revolution Rope X has seen great success for the full range of CrossFit athletes.  The Rev Rope X features a heavier, slightly stiffer cable, giving it unmatched inertia and shape during double unders. The cable is coated, protecting the multi-strand wire within. Utilizing a patented handle (U.S. Patent No. 7789809), the Rev X spins quickly with a minimum of effort, utilizing dual core bearings and an articulating eye to promote speed and prevent binding. This handle/cable combination results in a light, easy to spin rope that keeps going with minimal wrist movement, giving you extremely fast double unders without undue fatigue.
NOTE: We recommend using the Rev X Rope indoors. 


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