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Christian Harris

Christian is a husband, a father, a coach, a gym owner, creative mind, and founder of a lifestyle company called Move Fast Lift Heavy. His inspiration to keep going is the pursuit of betterment on a daily basis. The phrase "one percent better" is something that he attributes to his life in everything he does. We are proud to partner with Christian on his fitness journey and look forward to all the great things he has coming in the future. 




Long Island, NY




Max Snatch: 330
Max Clean and Jerk: 380
Isabel TIme: 1 min
Fran Time: 2:08  


WOD: Murph 
Movement: Snatch  
Meal: Brunch
Cheat Meal: burger and fries  

What movement were you really bad at and how did you improve?

The snatch. I took the time to focus on my mobility specifically the shoulders, hips and ankles. Added a lot of Sotts presses in to my training and worked a lot with an empty barbell focusing on specific technique drills.  

How would you recommend to an athlete that hasn't PR'd in a while to break through the plateau?

It really depends on the type of movement. If it is something that is more strength based, the athlete would really want to take the time to implement some sort of strength routine over a course of a 8-12 week period. Where as if it is something more skill based, the athlete would need to focus on specific drills to help refine mechanics and technique to break past any plateus.

For example, you cannot get stronger at your deadlift by trying to one rep max it every time you are at the gym. You need to add volume, intensity, and consistency to create adaption.

For example, for something like a muscle-up the athlete is usually limited by their technique so I would recommend having the athlete work on specific skills and drills that address their areas of weakness or inefficiency.  

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