Freestanding Pull-up Rigs
Freestanding Pull-up Rigs

Freestanding Pull-up Rigs


The X Training Freestanding Pull-up Rig is the perfect centerpiece to any gym. X Training Rigs are modular and can be upgraded or re-configured as your business expands. We also have many upgrades and accessories available, such as 12ft and 15ft extension kits, outriggers, monkey bar sections, and custom powder coats. Please contact our team at if you'd like to build your own custom freestanding rig. Note: Standard rig depth is 6ft, please contact us or note your order if you'd like 4ft.

  • Constructed from 11-gauge steel and finished with black powdercoat for superior durability.
  • J-cups spacing 2", with range from 12" to 64"
  • Easily adjust pull-up bar height to accommodate athletes of every size.
  • Square top beams provide increased rigidity to rig.
  • Weight rating: 1,000lbs.
  • Upright dimensions: 108" x 2.4" x 2.4"
  • Pull-Up Bar Height: Adjustable up to 104"
  • Pull-Up Bar Diameter: 1.25"
  • Concrete Anchors Included

X Training Pull-up Rigs all have a Lifetime Warranty. Read warranty details.

  • 14ft

  • 24ft

  • 34ft

  • 44ft