Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

Medicine Balls

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Build speed and core strength with Again Faster Medicine Balls. Elite athletes use medball training to increase power and explosiveness by exerting maximum force in short intervals of time. Medicine balls also offer a convenient option for adding weight resistance to body-weight exercises.

Excellent for throws, cleans, squats, presses, twists and sit-ups, the Again Faster Medicine Ball was designed with enough padding to be received at high velocity, while maintaining an even weight distribution within a durable cover.

Each 14" medicine ball is color-coded for easy identification and is covered in a durable, sweat-resistant, and non-slip vinyl cover that is double-stitched for durability. Available in 10 sizes from 6lb to 30lb, Medicine Balls are a versatile tool that will take your high intensity training to the next level. Great for your Crossfit workouts that prescribe wall balls.

Diameter: 14in.

Color-coded strips allow you to easily differentiate between medicine balls.

  • 8LB - Yellow
  • 10LB - Green
  • 12LB - Orange
  • 14LB - White
  • 16LB - Grey
  • 20LB - Blue
  • 25LB - Red
  • 30LB - Black
  • Set of Singles includes one of each medball from 8lbs-30lbs($68 savings) and Set of Pairs includes two of each medball from 8lb-30lbs($185 savings).


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