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A Simple Tool, Perfected

Made from durable cast iron molded with a single pour, the kettlebell handle and body form a single, finished product.

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Evolution Bumper Plates offer durability and dead bounce that can't be beat.

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Crash Pads substantially reduce noise and protect your garage floor, allowing you to workout anytime without waking up the neighborhood.

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Six Best Kettlebell Exercises for BJJ

Art Belarde, retired Navy veteran and Jiu Jitsu blackbelt, believes fitness and Jiu Jitsu go hand in hand.

Art Belarde is a retired Navy veteran, owner of Art of War Jiu Jitsu and is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. He believes everybody needs a stressor in life. In Jiu Jitsu you’re presented with a bunch of problems and the problems are physical in nature. So everything that you’re thinking about in the outside world doesn’t even matter anymore. You’re just concentrating on your task at hand. 

BJJ and fitness go hand in hand, and Belarde advises his students to really think about a strength and conditioning program to coincide with their jiu jitsu training. Having a strong body to be able to perform the martial arts techniques is so important. Your strength and natural abilities matter  when you go against somebody else who has just as good of technique as you. 

Belarde says kettlebell workouts are unmatched for building core strength, power, and explosiveness required for BJJ.

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“This barbell is the envy of my wife’s friends.”

Bryan G.


The future fuels us. Power drives us. And achievement makes us. Because here we train with intention. We make products built to take a beating. Ones that were made to be used. And abused. Ones that cultivate stability, coordination and evolution... All while pushing limits. Built like a tank, our gear elevates your workout, by not only raising the bar. But setting a new one entirely. And our sweat equity doesn't stink. It shines. We are forever moving forward. Building momentum, everyday. Because we were made for more. And so were you.

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Since 2006 we have provided everything you need to pursue functional fitness: pull-up rigs, rubber flooring, turf, safety mats, barbells, bumpers, plyo boxes, climbing ropes, kettlebells, rowers and more. We make sure that you're fully outfitted from Day One, saving you time and money.

One-on-one consultation

Our team is composed of experienced athletes and coaches who know what you need to run a successful gym. They’ve stood in your shoes, and will guide you through the critical questions involved in creating an ideal equipment package for your gym.

Facility layout and design service

Our engineering team can help design your facility for maximum functionality. We’ll make sure your equipment list makes sense with your space, and we can provide everything from simple schematics to light-and-shadow renderings for marketing purposes.

Rapid delivery

We stock nearly every item we sell in our United States warehouses. Completed orders ship within 2 business days, ensuring that we can get you your equipment quickly.

100% Satisfaction guarantee

Our equipment is designed, prototyped, and tested in-house. We create our equipment with the needs of the coach in mind, and we subject every piece to rigorous abuse to make sure it meets the needs of a high-volume, high-impact facility. We stand behind our equipment 100%, with the best warranties in the business.

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The Again Faster team is one call, click or email away. When you need help, we’re here, with extremely rapid response times and a single ethos driving our actions: we treat you as we’d expect to be treated.