Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro
Kineon MOVE+ Pro

Kineon MOVE+ Pro


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Reduce Joint Pain In Just One Use

The MOVE+ Pro is a safe, non-invasive, enhanced light therapy device The next generation of laser light technology, to help relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation, and stimulate healing of damaged tissues.

With its advanced technology, MOVE+ Pro offers targeted relief to your joints, helping to reduce inflammation and ease pain.

  • 3 LED+Laser Modules
  • Adj Strap
  • Charge Case
  • Charge Cable
  • Travel Case

What you need to know


  • 3 x modules per unit
  • 2 emission areas per module


  • 8 x 650nm deep red LEDs per module
  • 10 x 808nm Infrared lasers per module

Optical Power

  • Infrared lasers (class 1): 5mW per laser diode, 50mW per module
  • Deep red LEDs: 80mW per emission area

Laser therapy uses a concentrated beam of light that is focused on one specific area of the body to treat pain relief issues, without the spread or wastage of LED panels. Compared to LED light therapy, laser therapy can penetrate deeper into the tissue to reach a depth of around 5-6mm which means it's ideal for treating deep-seated pain, like Osteoarthritis and cartilage damage.

The benefits of laser therapy are clear – it is a highly effective treatment for pain relief that has been shown to be more effective than both traditional pharmaceuticals and non-medical treatments like massage, heat, and ice therapy.

Due to the cost of laser therapy, it’s historically been limited to physio clinics, or other high-end treatment practices

Kineon provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, so if you don't notice improvements after following the guidelines for consistent daily use, they will happily provide a full refund.

Recover like a professional athlete

"The MOVE+ has been very helpful in my healing and recovery process and to help with the demand I put my body through on a daily basis training for the CrossFit Games. I have minor tendonitis in my knee, and have seen huge improvements. This device is going to be a game changer in the sport.”

Brooke Wells 8 x CrossFit Games Athlete

Helps reduce chronic pain in as little as 5 minutes

The MOVE+ combines the therapeutic benefits of deep red LED and infrared laser light, to deliver targeted light straight to your joints and muscles.

Carefully designed to be portable and hands-free, get significant relief from pain and inflammation whenever and wherever you need it - without paying thousands.

Whether you're seeking pain relief or to speed up your recovery - The MOVE+ Pro is for you.

Full Joint Coverage

The 3 MOVE+ Pro modules deliver medical-grade light therapy throughout your entire knee, reducing pain and improving movement.

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