Knurled Multi Grip Bar
Knurled Multi Grip Bar
Knurled Multi Grip Bar
Knurled Multi Grip Bar

Knurled Multi Grip Bar


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The rackable Again Faster Multi Grip Bar is the perfect addition to your strength training arsenal. A variety of neutral grip positions reduces stress on your shoulders while performing bench, curls, and overhead press movements.

What you need to know

The Again Faster Multi Grip Bar takes your strength training game to the next level. Whether you're cranking out bench sets, curls, or overhead press, the neutral grip options relieve strain on your shoulders, elbows, and wrists. And just like all Again Faster olympic barbells, it's backed by a rock solid lifetime warranty.

  • Rackable on standard power racks, squat stands, and pull-up rigs.
  • 50mm sleeves accept olympic bumper plates, cast iron plates, and 2" spring collars.
  • 15.75" loadable sleeve provides plenty of room for weight plates.
  • Neutral grip spacing options: 6", 17", and 23" 
  • Weighing 38lb, this bar is constructed from super-strong box tube and finished in a durable black powder-coat finish
  • Moderate knurling maximizes grip while eliminating sharp points that can tear your hands.

All Again Faster Olympic Barbells are backed by a lifetime warranty. Click here for details.

WeightGrip DiameterTotal Bar LengthLoadable Sleeve

Exercise Variation

With the different handle options, you can perform a variety of exercises such as bench press, rows, curls, and tricep extensions with different grip positions, which can target different muscles.

Improve grip strength

The neutral grip positions strengthen your grip, as they engage different muscles in your forearms and wrists.

knurled multi grip bar hand position

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