Team Kettlebells
kettlebell snatch
single arm kettlebell swing
kettlebell swing
Team Kettlebells
kettlebell snatch
single arm kettlebell swing
kettlebell swing

Team Kettlebells


  • 4KG/9LB

  • 8KG/18LB

  • 12KG/26LB

  • 16KG/35LB

  • 20KG/44LB

  • 24KG/53LB

  • 32KG/70LB

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Looking to switch up your workouts? Work muscles you didn't even know you had with Again Faster team kettlebells. Available in weights from nine to 70 pounds, a set of kettlebells is a great way to start building out your garage gym.

What you need to know

Kettlebell weights are one of the simplest yet most functional pieces of strength training equipment. Perfect for building strength, stability, and explosiveness, kettlebell workouts train core to extremity motor patterns applicable to every athlete. Not only can you use kettlebells to improve your strength, but you can also improve your mobility, cardio, and coordination.

Whether you’re looking for just one or two kettlebells or a complete set, Again Faster has weights to match your fitness goals. Again Faster kettlebells are molded into a single piece of cast iron, so the handle won't come loose over time (unlike kettlebells that are welded together or feature plugs). The textured powder coat finish provides a substantial grip on its own but also works well with lifting chalk.

  • Train Confidently: Maintain a better grip thanks to textured, matte black powder-coated steel
  • Perform Better in Motion: A wide, flat handle accommodates a single or two-handed grip for ultimate versatility
  • Recognize Weights Quickly: Identify your kettlebells with sight alone thanks to color-coded handles
  • Purchase Only What You Need: Again Faster kettlebells are available from 4kg/9lb to 30kg/70lb and in kettlebell sets.

Again Faster kettlebells are made from solid cast iron, molded in a single-pour process for ultimate strength and durability. This eliminates the worry of the bell's handle coming loose during your workout. Other lower-quality kettlebells are manufactured with welded handles or plastic plugs, which can break easily.

Our bases are machined flat to ensure they stay put and don't wobble on your garage gym floor. Not only does this come in handy when storing kettlebells, but sitting flat is critical during exercises such as the clean and press and dead stop kettlebell swings.

The textured powder coating provides a solid grip on its own but is compatible with chalk. The color-coded handle not only adds to the aesthetic but allows you to grab the right kettlebells for your workout quickly.

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We make products built to take a beating. If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return equipment for any reason during the first 30 days.

Again Faster Kettlebells include a 1-year warranty.

WeightHandle DiameterInside Handle WidthHeight

Why Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are an essential part of any home gym. They're one of the most versatile pieces of gym gear available. From strength training to conditioning, a kettlebell workout builds muscle and helps you burn fat.

Train with kettlebells to:

  • Achieve results from one piece of equipment
  • Combine cardio fitness and strength with core training
  • Improve total body strength and conditioning
  • Gain a vast range of flexibility, range of motion, and exercise variation

Kettlebells are also easy to learn and master, providing a safe, injury-free workout.

Are Kettlebells Useful for Workout Recovery?

Yes, kettlebell workouts are a great, low-impact way to aid recovery while getting in total body strength and cardio workouts.

Keeping swings light can help your glute, hamstring, and lower back recovery. Add three to four sets of 10-15 swings on an active rest day to break up the built-up toxins in your muscles that make you sore—and delay recovery. Plus, they will give you a much-needed conditioning boost.

Can I Build a Training Program Around Kettlebells?

Kettlebells can complement most training programs, but they can also be the star of your workouts.

You can use heavy kettlebells for Turkish get-ups, sumo deadlights, kettlebell thrusters, and double-racked front squats. Kettlebell snatches can increase your power, while swings can take care of your cardiovascular conditioning needs.

How Do I Select the Right Size Kettlebell?

Choosing the right size kettlebell is all about the movement and the stimulus you are trying to create. One pood is equal to about 16 kg or 35 pounds. Many CrossFit workouts program this weight for the women's RX kettlebell exercises. Men's RX kettlebells are often programmed at 1.5 pood, which is 24 kg or 53 pounds.

Most intermediate and up athletes should use 26 to 53-pound kettlebells for kettlebell swings and snatches. Novices should start with a lower weight, such as a 13 or 18-pound kettlebell. You can increase the weight by one or two sizes for deadlifts and goblet squats. For good mornings, overhead presses, and Turkish getups, we recommend decreasing the weight a size or two.

Quality Cast Iron Construction

Again Faster kettlebells are manufactured from cast iron in a single-piece casting process. With a more reliable, stronger handle and void-free surface, you'll never worry about your handle coming loose from the bell. Other lower-quality kettlebells feature welded handles, plastic caps, or plugs. The flat, wobble-free base also makes it easy to store your kettlebells anywhere with ease.

Comfortable, Textured Powder Coating

With textured powder coating, you can swing Again Faster kettlebells more confidently—with or without chalk. The smooth, finished texture allows you to train hard and perform with power without tearing up your forearms in the rack position.

Convenient and Versatile

Available in weight increments ranging from nine pounds to 70 pounds, you can select a weight option to knock out any level workout. Each Again Faster kettlebell has color-coded rings so you can choose your weights on sight alone. Plus, we’ve clearly labeled each bell with both LBs and KGs.

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