4x4 Garage Package - Out of Stock

4x4 Garage Package - Out of Stock

4x4 Garage Package - Out of Stock

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Out of Stock.

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Squat Rack
Wall-mounted 4x4 - Included Select
Freestanding 4x4 - [+$299.00] Select
20kg Evolution Bar Select
15kg Evolution Bar Select
20kg Team Bar 2.0 - [+$79.00] Select
15kg Team Bar 2.0 - [+$79.00] Select
3n1 Wood Plyobox - Included Select
3n1 Soft Plyo - [+$79.00] Select
Bundled 45lb Pair
Bundled 35lb Pair
Bundled 25lb Pair
Bundled 10lb Pair
Bundled Collars
Bundled 15lb Pair
Heavy-Duty Flat Bench [+$129.00]
Comp Dip Station [+$129.00]
1LB Box of Chalk [+$10.00]
Wood Rings + Straps [+$49.00]
Bundled Timer
Bundled Speed Rope

The Again Faster® 4x4 Garage Package is the perfect starting setup for home gyms. With a heavy-duty squat stand, olympic barbell, full set of bumpers, speed rope, plyobox, and timer, you'll be able to get hundreds of different workouts whether you're into powerlifting, weightlifting, or general fitness training!

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Retail Price: $1,380

Package Price: $1,249

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