Manila Climbing Ropes - Out of Stock

Manila Climbing Ropes - Out of Stock

Manila Climbing Ropes - Out of Stock

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Our Grade A manila climbing ropes are individually handcrafted with a technique known as splicing, the attachment end is braided back into itself to form a 6" loop. The spliced loop of your climbing rope forms a superior method for attaching the rope with a safe weight load of over 5,000 pounds, in short, it'll hold up in under the toughest conditions. The rope can be hung over a fixed object and looped back into itself or you can use a chain and carabiner. The loop is covered with a heavy duty nylon friction guard to protect from fray. The end of the climbing rope is finished off with a heavy duty vinyl boot to protect from fraying. 

Please Note: Climbing Ropes are made to order and can take up to four days before being ready to ship.

  • Standard diameters are 1-1/2"-2" & lengths from 14-24' 
  • 6" spliced soft loop protected by nylon friction guard 
  • Custom climbing & battling ropes available to meet your needs in any diameter or length 
  • Products ship within 3-5 business days via UPS Ground

Warning! Rope climbing is inherently dangerous. Again Faster does not recommend climbing ropes without using several landing pads at the base of all climbing ropes. By purchasing this product with this warning being posted Again Faster absolves itself from any claims made while using climbing ropes sold from our company.