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Hex Trap Bar - Out of Stock

Hex Trap Bar - Out of Stock

Hex Trap Bar - Out of Stock

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Out of Stock.

The 50LB Hex Trap Bar is an essential tool for any gym to provide variation to barbell deadlift and squats. You get the same full-body strength work as a conventional movements without worrying about scraped shins and maintaining leg contact with the barbell. The Hex Trap bar improves lifting efficiency and relieves lower back stress by lifting with arms by your sides in a neutral grip instead of in front of your body.

The Hex Trap bar features a standard 2" diameter for any olympic sized plates and an excellent knurl for a strong grip during deadlifts, shrugs, or bent over rows. Dual-handle designs provides ability to vary movement and position by simply flipping bar over. This bar is also great for farmers walk, squats, and floor press.