What is Again Faster Live?

Again Faster Live is your fitness competition partner. We simplify the process of running an event for the average gym owner. We handle the boring details, so you can focus on running a fantastic event and take home more revenue.

Again Faster Live makes it possible for gym owners to manage their gym and host multiple events per year.

Revenue For Your Gym

Competitions build community and create revenue for your gym.

Leveraging our experience programming events and marketing suite, you'll maximize registrations, even in small venues. And with our network of partner sponsors, you'll attract more athletes at higher ticket prices by offering excellent swag and podium prizes.

Zero Upfront Costs

When you book an event with Again Faster Live, there are zero upfront costs. After the event, you'll receive a payout based on the event format and number of participants.

Access to Branded Competitions

Again Faster Live has worldwide and local events you can host in your own gym. From events that can be scheduled any month of the year, to global events that pit your athletes against other gyms throughout the country, we have events that will fit in your schedule.

Already have your own competition (or just an idea for one)? We'll help you take it to the next level and attract participants from a wider geographic region.

What's Included?


Get the most from your event

Facililty size, available equipment, and other factors can limit the size of your competition. Our experienced team will program an event around these contstraints to maximize your revenue.


Leverage our Reach for Maximum Exposure

We'll provide you the tools and templates to market the event. From social media posts to emails, you'll make sure everyone in town (and the surrounding areas) know why this event is going to rock. Need help with paid ads? We've got you covered.

Day of Event

Leave a lasting impression

Do you want participants to come back next year? Do you want them as members? Then let us help you run a great event. From equipment lists to heat schedules to scorecards, we give you the tools to run a professional and memorable event.

Sponsorships and podium prizes

Built in Sponsorships

How many times have you emailed the big brands and received zero response? Our network of sponsors will support your event with podium prizes and swag that will get people excited to compete.

How much can you earn hosting an event?

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