Base Package
20kg olympic barbell
35lb kettlebell cast iron
Base Package
20kg olympic barbell
35lb kettlebell cast iron

Base Package



Upgrade your home gym

Whether you're ready to start training in your garage during off days from the gym or just starting out, the Base Package gets you ready for cardio, basic kettlebell movements, and barbell work. 

Crumb Bumper Plates and your choice of high-performing Again Faster barbell will have you moving weight through all the basic olympic weightlifting movements. The Base Package also includes a speed rope and 35lb kettlebell so you can add intensity to your home gym session.

  • Barbell
  • Crumb Bumpers
  • 35lb Kettlebell
  • Speed Rope
  • 20kg Evolution

  • 15kg Evolution

  • 20kg Team

  • 15kg Team

Package Includes:

  • 20kg or 15kg Evolution or Team Barbell
  • 160LB Crumb Bumper Set (pair of 45/25/10)
  • 16KG/35LB Team Kettlebell
  • Team Speed Rope


Kettlebells deserve a place in every home gym. While simple, no other single piece of gym equipment is as versatile as the kettlebell. From strength training to conditioning, kettlebell workouts build muscle and burn fat, all while making you more explosive and powerful.

Rubber Hex Dumbbells
$38.00 - $649.00
Crumb Bumper Plates
$69.00 - $2,099.00
Team Kettlebells
$34.00 - $129.00
Medicine Balls
$74.00 - $119.00
Soft Sand Stone
$79.00 - $129.00
Ab Exercise Mat
$145.00$29.00 - $219.00
Evolution Bumper Plates
$59.00 - $2,199.00
Ignite Package
$598.00$549.00 - $999.00
EVOx Garage Package
Travel Essentials Package
$104.00$89.00 - $129.00
Cast Iron Plates
$19.00 - $299.00
Gym Chalk - 1LB Block
$80.00$15.00 - $139.00
Ignite Package Color
$661.00$619.00 - $879.00

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