Crumb Bumper Plates - 1000lb
olympic barbell and 45lb crumb bumper plate
chest press 45lb crumb bumper plate
walking barbell lunges bumper plates
olympic barbell and 45lb crumb bumper plate
barbell lunges bumper plates
Crumb Bumper Plates - 1000lb
olympic barbell and 45lb crumb bumper plate
chest press 45lb crumb bumper plate
walking barbell lunges bumper plates
olympic barbell and 45lb crumb bumper plate
barbell lunges bumper plates

Crumb Bumper Plates - 1000lb


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Mark your new personal record by slamming down Again Faster Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates—without disturbing the neighbors. Made of 100% recycled, vulcanized rubber, these color-coded Olympic weights are extremely durable and deliver a satisfying soft bounce.

Note: 35lb plates are not included in this set

What you need to know

Again Faster crumb rubber bumper plates are the sweet spot between noisy, old-school iron plates and other bumpers made with press-fit collars that eventually spin and fall out. These distinctive plates are the next evolution of olympic weights, offering an unstoppable combination of a stainless-steel, co-molded collar and recycled vulcanized rubber.

These crumb rubber bumper plates are equally perfect for home gyms, commercial gyms and fast-paced facilities looking for a stable plate with a quiet, minimal bounce.

Quickly Get to Work

High-contrast color-coded flecks help you easily identify the proper weight plate

Train Harder

Less noise (and less damage to the floor) than other weight plates

Lift Anywhere

Soft recycled crumb rubber is resilient enough for use on rough surfaces and won’t chip as easily as other rubber plates

Trust Your Equipment

Stainless steel, co-molded collar for a more durable bumper plate

Crumb rubber is uniquely constructed to handle abuse from Olympic lifts in the elements without wearing down or losing its texture or appearance. Smooth, firmly seated stainless steel inserts molded into the bumper plates equals durability seldom seen in an economical plate. These quality plates go through some of the most rigorous testing in the business—some samples are dropped thousands of times before passing our quality requirements.

When lifting in a commercial gym where multiple athletes use the same equipment, it's critical to find the weights you need fast. Again Faster's color-coded crumb rubber plates make it easy to identify plates at a glance and take control of your training. Build out your home or affiliate gym with custom quantities of plate pairs.

Available olympic weight sets:

  • 1000lb set includes 10x10, 10x15, 12x25, 0x35, 10x45lb plates

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Again Faster Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates include a 6-month to 3-year warranty.

Again Faster Crumb Plates feature International Weightlifting Federation standard diameter of 450mm, 2" stainless steel collars to fit olympic barbells, and a durometer rating 80 for a soft bounce.

SizePlate DiameterPlate WidthCollar
10lb450mm1.2"2" (50.4mm)
1.7"2" (50.4mm)
2.5"2" (50.4mm)
2.7"2" (50.4mm)
3.4"2" (50.4mm)
4"2" (50.4mm)

Why Bumper Plates?

Traditional steel plates are noisy and cannot be dropped during intense CrossFit workouts or Olympic weightlifting sessions. You can drop bumper plates on the floor without damaging the plate, barbell, or floor because they are constructed with rubber around a central metal hub.

Rubber bumper plates absorb the shock from hitting the ground, dampening the noise, so your garage gym session doesn't wake up the block. Round out your home gym with our Olympic bars, competition bumper plates, and squat racks, or kickstart your garage with our most popular barbell and bumper set, the Ignite Package.

Why Crumb Rubber?

If you're looking for something that minimizes noise, crumb rubber plates are a good choice. Crumb rubber's hardness rating is less than virgin rubber, which means it is bouncier and lands softer, so you can control the barbell as it hits the ground.

Why Color-Coded Plates?

Again Faster weight plates are color-coded, so you can properly load the bar every time. These crumb rubber plates are colored by International Weightlifting Federation standards for Olympic competition: red, blue, yellow, green, and white.

High-Density + Medium Bounce

100%-recycled, vulcanized rubber absorbs shock and protects your floors. These crumb bumpers are built to be ultra-durable and sustainable, offering minimal bounce on the drop. Plus, these plates are much quieter than iron plates, a critical determining factor when deciding which plates to buy for your home gym.

woman deadlifting olympic weights

High-Contrast + Colored Specks

We create our crumb rubber bumper plates from a unique rubber formula with colored flecks for extremely easy identification, even from a distance. With a non-traditional aesthetic, these plates are colored according to IWF standards. Readily recognizing plates is invaluable when training with other weightlifters — and training on colored bumper plates brings you one step closer to being and feeling elite.

man performing burpee over barbell

Co-Molded Steel Insert

Again Faster crumb rubber bumper plates are engineered for maximum toughness and longevity. The steel collars are co-molded with the plates instead of pressed in for ultimate durability. Bottom line: these bumpers can withstand more drops than you can throw.

man performing olympic weightlifting jerk
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