Evolution Bumper Plates - 1000lb
sumo deadlift bumper plate
olympic barbell with bumper plate
olympic barbell with bumper plate
deadlift barbell bumper plate
Evolution Bumper Plates - 1000lb
sumo deadlift bumper plate
olympic barbell with bumper plate
olympic barbell with bumper plate
deadlift barbell bumper plate

Evolution Bumper Plates - 1000lb


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Evolution Olympic Barbell

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Cool + Classic + Mil-Spec

The innovative Again Faster Evolution Bumper Plates offer unbeatable durability and dead bounce, making them a great choice for a home gym or commercial gym set-ups. You will struggle to find a better-performing bumper plate at this price point that still delivers on performance and quality.

What you need to know

The Again Faster Evolution Bumper Plates are designed to be durable enough for any home or commercial gym environment. They can be used for Olympic weightlifting, functional training workouts, and any other exercise in between. 

With a low bounce and consistent dimensions, they provide accurate weight and improved safety during lifts. In addition, rubber bumper plates are more versatile than traditional metal plates, allowing you to perform a wider range of exercises. Not only will they enhance your workout, but they'll also protect your flooring and equipment. Upgrade to rubber bumper plates today and take your weightlifting to the next level.

  • Choose Your Weight: Pairs of these bumper plates range from 10 to 45 pounds, plus there are several bundle options available
  • Rely on Your Equipment: Virgin rubber coating offers more durability than traditional weight plates
  • Lift Confidently: A 90 durometer rating means a dead bounce and plates that you don't have to worry about breaking`
  • Train Consistently: Individual weights have an accurate weight tolerance of +/- 2%

Again Faster Evolution Bumper Plates are the perfect solution for anyone looking to get the most out of their weightlifting routine. Made from a durable rubber compound, these plates are designed to withstand heavy use and repeated impact, making them ideal for both home and commercial gyms.

The hardened rubber surface provides a low bounce and absorbs the shock impact of drops, protecting your barbell and floor. With a 50mm opening, they're suitable for Olympic barbell sleeves and measure a total of 450mm in diameter.

These bumpers were made for lifting, and all our plates are rigorously tested. Achieving a high level of performance is at the core of the design and manufacturing process—which is why the Again Faster logo is proudly and prominently displayed on each sleek, smooth-surfaced plate.

Available olympic weight sets:

  • 160lb set includes 2x10, 2x25, 2x45lb plates
  • 190lb set includes 2x10, 2x15, 2x25, 2x45lb plates
  • 230lb set includes 2x10, 2x25, 2x35, 2x45lb plates
  • 260lb set includes 2x10, 2x15, 2x25, 2x35, 2x45lb plates
  • 350lb set includes 2x10, 2x15, 2x25, 2x35, 4x45lb plates
  • 450lb set includes 4x10, 4x15, 4x25, 2x35, 4x45lb plates
  • 1000lb set includes 8x10, 10x15, 8x25, 6x35, 8x45lb plates

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Again Faster Evolution Bumper Plates include a 6-month to 3-year warranty.

Again Faster Evolution Plates feature International Weightlifting Federation standard diameter of 450mm, 2" stainless steel collars to fit olympic barbells, and a durometer rating 90 for a dead bounce.

SizePlate DiameterPlate WidthCollar
10lb450mm1.0"2" (50.4mm)
1.1"2" (50.4mm)
1.9"2" (50.4mm)
2.6"2" (50.4mm)
2.9"2" (50.4mm)

What Are Rubber Bumper Plates?

Unlike metal plates, rubber bumper plates have a low bounce and are designed to absorb impact, making them ideal for high-intensity exercises such as deadlifts and squats. They are also quieter than metal plates and are less likely to cause damage to gym equipment and flooring.

Rubber bumper plates come in various weight sizes and are used to add resistance to a weightlifting routine, helping to build strength, power, and muscle.

Why Rubber Bumper Plates?

Several features make bumper plates perfect for CrossFit, Olympic weightlifting, and group training workouts:

  • Protection of flooring and equipment: Bumper plates have a soft, flexible rubber surface that helps protect gym flooring and barbells from damage.
  • Improved safety: The rubber material helps absorb impact and reduces the risk of injury if someone drops a plate.
  • Noise reduction: Bumper plates produce less noise than traditional metal plates, making them ideal for use in shared spaces or early morning/late-night workouts.
  • Increased durability: Rubber bumper plates are more durable and long-lasting than traditional plates, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Versatility: Bumper plates can be used for a variety of weightlifting exercises, including deadlifts, squats, and Olympic lifts.

When Should I Use Rubber Bumper Plates?

Bumper plates are used in weightlifting and strength training exercises to add resistance and increase the weight being lifted. They should be used:

  • When performing exercises that involve dropping the weights, such as the clean and jerk in Olympic weightlifting, to reduce the impact and protect flooring and equipment.
  • When using Olympic-style barbells that have a 2-inch diameter sleeve, as bumper plates are designed to fit on these bars.
  • When looking for a quiet, low-bounce weight plate option for use in shared spaces or early morning/late-night workouts.
  • When wanting to increase the weight lifted to build strength, power, and muscle.

Bumper plates can be used in a variety of exercises, including squats, deadlifts, and Olympic lifts. It is important to always use the proper form and technique when lifting weights, and to consult with a trainer or physician before starting a new weightlifting program.

Stainless Co-Molded Collars Again Faster’s Evolution Bumper Plate collars are made of stainless steel and are co-molded and hooked into the rubber. This makes them more durable, prevents loose collars, and prevents cracking around the center of the plate.


Slim Profile Design

The Evolution Bumper Plate's slimline design allows you to test your physical limits by adding more weight to the bar. Plus, thinner plates make it easier to control the bar during exercises that require the lifter to drop the weight from overhead, such as the clean and jerk.


Low, Controllable Bounce

Higher durometer plates lead to less bounce. The unique blend of virgin rubber makes these bumpers strong enough to resist bending, yet flexible enough to avoid becoming brittle. The density of these plates makes them very stable, even at lighter weights.

Evolution Olympic Barbell
$219.00$179.00 - $219.00
Crumb Bumper Plates
$69.00 - $2,099.00
Performance Bumper Plates
$69.00$49.00 - $2,099.00

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