GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal
GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal

GORUCK Ballistic Trainers - Black + Black + Charcoal



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GORUCK Rucker 4.0

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Lift heavier. Sprint Faster. Ruck Harder. And look cool doing it.

GORUCK Ballistic Trainers are the new standard in functional fitness footwear with 3X Support™ and 3X Stability for all three (3) of your arches, making them the best workout shoes for men and women ever created.

Engineered Warp Knit & CORDURA® Ballistic Nylon Upper
The forefoot is constructed using an engineered warp knit technology which provides a seamless one piece vamp and toe cap while offering areas of reinforced strength and other areas of breathability and flexibility. The lace area, midfoot and heel is made from two panels of 1680D CORDURA® Ballistic Nylon — offering the toughest Special Forces grade abrasion resistance against the stresses of rope climbs. This 1680D CORDURA® also provides superior midfoot and heel support during dynamic movements.

Anatomically Molded TPU Heel Counter
Anchors your foot with a supportive, injection molded heel counter that stabilizes your heel when you're doing dynamic, load bearing exercises.

Lace-Lock Eyelets
Extra top eyelets can be used to create a tight heel lock — commonly called a runner's loop or lock lace — that prevents heel slippage and excessive movement around the ankle.

Wide Toe Box
Generous forefoot area lets your toes breathe. Over time and distance doing the work at the gym or anywhere you're training, your feet will swell. This extra space, along with the breathable and flexible knit, reduces the friction that can occur if your feet rub against the insides of your shoe.

Custom High Density Insert
Dense, PU foam insert custom made to fit the contours of the foot supporting all three (3) arches of the foot — yes, you have three arches in your foot (the medial longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch and the anterior transverse arch). 

Versatile Heel-to-Toe Drop
Classic powerlifting shoes have a 20mm+ heel-to-toe drop (and meant for nothing else), running shoes are all over the place (according to the latest fad), other functional fitness trainers and some weight training shoes are 4mm (and you can't wait to take them off after the WOD), Chuck T's are zero drop (and painful over all the miles). The 8mm heel-to-toe drop in the Ballistic Trainers™ creates the best biomechanical advantage when lifting heavy loads (squat, clean, snatch) or moving more than 400 meters (running or rucking).

Gradient Density™ EVA Midsole
Two (2) different types of EVA fused together in a smooth gradient from forefoot to heel. High rebound, high flexibility EVA in the forefoot provides cushion and support for explosive movement. Firm, stable EVA in the heel provides a stable platform to keep you grounded when lifting or squatting.

Triple Compound Rubber Outsole
Three (3) different rubber compounds form a single, seamless rubber outsole. Forefoot rubber is formulated for increased grip while the heel area is dense and won't wear down after miles of running or rucking. The midfoot is formulated from a rock climbing compound and hardened for exceptional abrasion resistance — ideal for rope climbs.

  • Upper materials: Engineered Knit, 1680D CORDURA®
  • Gradient Density™ EVA Midsole
  • Triple Compound Rubber Outsole
  • Custom High Density Insert included
  • 8mm heel-to-toe drop
  • Weight (size 9): 0.675 lbs (10.8 ounces)
  • Lace-Lock eyelets
  • Built in Vietnam

Care Instructions: Remove insert. Hose them down thoroughly and let air dry (won't take long). Do not use washer/dryer - it's easier this way.



Barbells. Sandbags. Sprinting. Rucking. Up-down-left-right-lift-toss … rinse and repeat.

To push past your limits in garages and driveways and in fields and on asphalt the world over — you need a stable platform, and you need more support from your fitness & weight training shoes.

When you run, you need support. When you lift, you need support. When you flex, you need support.



GORUCK Ballistic Trainers™ proudly have an 8mm heel-to-toe drop. It’s more than the others in the space. Ballistic stability puts less strain on the achilles tendon during lifts, with additional heel stability to support your full range of motion when running, and moving, and living, and the forefoot knit fabric is different than the Ballistic nylon because when you need to flex, you need to fl



Sure, the Ballistic Trainers™ are built to perform inside of a CrossFit box. You can do snatches and cleans and jerks. You can do squats, you can do heavy lifting in them. But the real challenge was to make these the most versatile and functional shoes for training in the real world.

The versatility and performance of the Ballistic Trainers™ is unlike any other product out the market — with the science to prove it.

GORUCK Rucker 4.0
$245.00 - $265.00
$345.00$335.00 - $355.00
GORUCK Sandbags 2.0
$95.00$95.00 - $160.00

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