rolling bumper plate storage system
rolling bumper plate storage system

Rolling Bumper Storage Rack


Functional movements are effective because of their capacity to move large loads over long distances, and to do so quickly. The Again Faster Rolling Bumper Storage Rack is effective for the same reasons. Being able to move your bumper stacks is essential for any gym, particularly those with limited space, and you can be sure your athletes will thank you when that stack of 45s is conveniently located in the middle of the room on heavy deadlift day.

This rack was designed from the wheels up to provide industrial grade strength and durability, and the result is a storage solution that will still be rolling after a lifetime of heavy lifting.


  • 400lb. weight capacity
  • 30in. of loadable pipe
  • High density rubber wheels allow you to move your olympic plates safely and efficiently across any flat surface
  • The wheels are secured using an industrial size, countersunk bolt system, which provides maximum stability while creating a smooth, flush surface at the base to protect your plates
  • The bolt setup used to secure the wheels to the base is a complete overhaul of the traditional rolling bumper rack, designed to finally solve the problem of the bent/broken wheel support
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