rx smartgear gym package
rx smartgear gym package
rx smartgear gym package
rx smartgear gym package
rx smartgear gym package
rx smartgear gym package
rx smartgear gym package
rx smartgear gym package

RX Smart Gear Gym Package


The premier jump rope system for the serious gym owner.

Offering 20 fixed length jump ropes at 10 different sizes this system will outfit anyone below 5 feet tall up to nearly 7 feet tall. The strategic lengths allow gym members to dial in their ideal rope length, promote good posture and refine proper technique. Each rope length is indicated on the handle with a corresponding cable color for easy detection. Each jump rope comes with a long lasting waterproof traction grip, patented multi-directional swivel bearing system for the smoothest rotations and our best all around training cable made of aircraft grade, pvc coated wire rope.

Replace your bees nest

Rx Smart Gear pioneered the handles up storage system which prolongs the life of the cable as well as prevents the ropes from tangling. The Custom Rx Gym Package will replace the bees nest of messy jump ropes on your wall with a clean, organized and highly professional piece of training equipment that will let anybody that walks into your gym know you’re a serious gym owner.

Each Package contains:

  • Black handles with rope size listed on the logo tape
  • Sizing Chart with detailed description of size color and athlete height to go on the wall in US Standard(ft/in) and Metric
  • Rx Jump Rope Rack

10 Rope Package

  • 1- 7'10" Pink Cable
  • 1- 8'0" Teal Cable
  • 1- 8'2" Yellow Cable
  • 1- 8'2" Green Cable
  • 1- 8'6" Red Cable
  • 1- 8'8" White Cable
  • 1- 8'10" Orange Cable
  • 1- 9'0" Blue Cable
  • 1- 9'2" Gray Cable
  • 1- 9'4" Black Cable

20 Rope Package

  • 2- 7'10" Pink Cable
  • 2- 8'0" Teal Cable
  • 2- 8'2" Yellow Cable
  • 2- 8'2" Green Cable
  • 2- 8'6" Red Cable
  • 2- 8'8" White Cable
  • 2- 8'10" Orange Cable
  • 2- 9'0" Blue Cable
  • 2- 9'2" Gray Cable
  • 2- 9'4" Black Cable

Elite 2.6

IDEAL FOR INTERMEDIATE TO ADVANCED Aircraft grade cable with PVC coating. Our mid range weighted cable weighing 2.6 ounces for a 9 foot length (excluding handles). Our most all around utility cable offering a nice blend of light weight with increased feedback and response while it’s rigidity maintains a nice “horse shoe” shape while in motion. Recommended for jumpers who can already turn 50+ double unders.

Buff 3.4

IDEAL FOR BEGINNERS TURNING LESS THAN 50 D/Us. IDEAL FOR ADVANCED LOOKING TO INCREASE INTENSITY. Aircraft grade cable with PVC coating. Our third heaviest cable weighing 3.4 ounces per 9 foot length (excluding handles). Our Dual Threat cable which provides tremendous feedback allowing the athlete to jump with a broader range of tempos from very slow to super fast. Ideal for beginners to gain a better feel for timing while jumping at slower tempos. Also a fantastic training cable for advanced jumpers looking for greater resistance and intensity in their training.

Custom Logo on handles

For an additional $35 to cover the graphic & printing charges Rx Smart Gear will co-brand your gym’s logo onto the handle along side our Rx logo. This is a feature that we exclusively offer to Gym Owners. This way, the gym owner will always be able to identify the Gym’s house ropes from a privately owned Rx Jump Rope as well as create a professional presentation to any new member walking through the door. All you have to do is just upload your gym’s logo and we will take care of the rest.

Ten Athlete Package
$14,299.00 - $16,498.00

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