Ten Athlete Package

Ten Athlete Package


The 10 Athlete Gym Package Includes the Following:

(2) 1,000LBS Crumb Rubber Bumper Plates

(6) Team Barbells - 20kg or 15kg

(5) Evolution Barbells - 20kg or 15kg

(3) 15LB Training Barbell

(3) X-1 Squat/Press/Bench Stand

(5) Heavy-duty Flat Bench

(5) Concept2 Model D Rower with PM5 Monitor

(1) 500lbs of Team Kettlebells

(6) Wood Ring Set with Straps

(10) Medicine Balls

(6) Wooden 3n1 Plyoboxes - 20x24x30

(10) Team Speed Jump Ropes

(10) Ab Fitness Mats

(10) Olympic Spring Collar Pairs

After your order is placed, a member of our team will reach out to finalize the product options for your new gym package.

  • X1 Squat Stands

  • 24FT Freestanding Rig

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