Competition Barbell - Out of Stock

Competition Barbell - Out of Stock

Competition Barbell - Out of Stock

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The Again Faster® Competition Weightlifting Barbell was engineered to create a truly all-in-one barbell that is strong, fast, durable, and affordable. Together, we created a bearing bar that meets all IWF weight and dimension specifications, uses the strongest steel on the market, and satisfies the uncompromising demands of one of the greatest weightlifters of his generation.

Along the way, we streamlined our design, materials, and manufacturing processes to allow us to sell a weightlifting bar at a fraction of the cost of similar ,elite bars, and backed it with a Lifetime Warranty to prove we're serious. Don't just take our word for it, pick one of these up and see what it's like to get your hands on a game changer.



Meets all IWF weight and dimension specifications for Men's and Women's bars
Shaft Diameter: 20kg = 28mm | 15kg = 25mm
Length: 20kg = 2200mm | 15kg = 2010mm
Weight Tolerance +0.1% / -0.05%
Dual knurl marks that meet both IWF and IPF specifications for knurl mark spacing
264,000 PSI Ultimate Tensile Strength
10 needle bearings
High strength stainless steel bushings are set both inside and outside the bearings in the collar
A screw lock cap with two internal retention rings secure the collars
Finish Options: Hard Bright Chrome
Collar Band: Men's = Blue | Women's = Yellow
See diagram for detailed measurement information.