Gym Chalk - 1LB Block
Gym Chalk - 1LB Block
rock climber with chalk hands
gym chalk on athlete hands
Gym Chalk - 1LB Block
Gym Chalk - 1LB Block
rock climber with chalk hands
gym chalk on athlete hands

Gym Chalk - 1LB Block


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Your Secret Weapon for a Stronger Grip

Blended for maximum grip, Again Faster High Performance Chalk applies smooth and keeps hands dry during the most intense sessions. Made of 100% Magnesium Carbonate, there are no fillers or additives in this chalk to ensure a long-lasting and secure grip.

 Contains eight 2oz. blocks of solid chalk.


What you need to know

Gym chalk is a staple of CrossFit, olympic weightlifting, and rock climbing athletes everywhere. Whether you're working on deadlifts and pull-ups in your garage gym, scaling your local rock climbing wall, or soloing Half Dome in Yosemite, Again Faster gym chalk offers long-lasting defense against sweaty hands, and is a perfect complement to your strength training regime.

  • 100% pure magnesium carbonate (not calcium carbonate like competitors)
  • No fillers, additives, or conditioners
  • Contains eight 2oz. blocks of solid chalk.
  • Block style chalk is perfect for chaking up your hands, barbell, and pull-up bar.
  • Minimizes the mess on your gym floor or garage.
strong grip no additives long lasting

Turn up the Intensity

Heat and humidity is no match for Again Faster gym chalk. That's why it's the preferred chalk for weightlifting, CrossFit®, powerlifting, rock climbers, and gymnastics. Sweaty palms leads to decreased performance and our 100% pure chalk keeps hands dry for a secure grip during heavy deadlifts, kettlebell swings and other weight lifting movements.


Block vs. Loose vs Powder: Which is Better?

All Again Faster chalk products are made of the same great magnesium carbonate. Block chalk is great for marking up your olympic barbell, pull-up bar and your hands, without spreading it around your gym.

Loose chalk is a blend of fine powder and chicken nugget sized pieces of sports chalk. It's great for chalking up your hands before an AMRAP or grabbing a nugget and hitting your barbell or thumbs.

Powder sports chalk is 100% fine powder and is perfect for rock climbers to fill their chalk bag or refillable chalk balls for gym members.

Ultimately, every athlete has their personal preference between block, loose/powder chalk, or liquid chalk, but it's all great at absorbing sweat! So whether your hitting the mountains for some weekend rock climbing or having friends over to your garage gym, stock up on your favorite.

female rock climber using gymnastics chalk
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