Oly Lftr Barbell
Oly Lftr Barbell

Oly Lftr Barbell


Bust through your old weightlifting PRs with the Again Faster Oly Lftr Barbell. 

Made in the USA with ten needle bearings, a durable zinc coating, and a medium knurl, this olympic weightlifting barbell is the one to grab for cleans, jerks, and snatches. 


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What you need to know

Olympic weightlifters want fast spin, great whip, and a bar up to the task. The Again Faster Oly Lftr Barbell handles cleans, snatches, and jerks with ease. It's also made in the USA and backed by a lifetime warranty.

The Oly Lftr bar is manufactured with high strength, stress proof alloy steel and is finished in durable, bright zinc finish for excellent rust prevention and durability.

  • Made in the USA:The Oly Lftr Bar is made in the USA with USA steel.
  • Built for the Toughest Environments: Bright zinc finish protects the bar from the elements (and your sweat) and is great in high humidity environments
  • Optimal Whip: 200,000 PSI tensile strength alloy steel provides the whip for Olympic lifts.

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Again Faster's Oly Lftr Barbell includes a limited lifetime warranty.

The Again Faster Oly Lftr Olympic Barbell is available in both 15kg and 20kg bar weights.

WeightShaft DiameterTotal Bar LengthLoadable Sleeve

What Type of Athlete Is the Oly Lftr Barbell For?

Whether you’re focused on olympic style lifts, such as snatch and clean and jerk, or love-to-hate movements such as thrusters and presses, the Oly Lftr bar is for you.

Why Needle Bearings?

Bearing bars are typically used for fast, dynamic movements, such as olympic weightlifting exercises like clean and jerk or snatch.

People who use bearing or bushing weights interchangeably often do so because they're not married to any particular style of lifting. Both provide great spins. However, using a bushing bar over a bushing one for fast lifts can put strain on your wrists as the barbell won't spin as fast due to the inertia of the weight plates.

The Oly Lftr Olympic Bar has 10 needle bearings on each side. The bearings are located between the sleeves and the bar. Because the bearings aren't fixed to the bars or sleeves, they let the sleeves rotate around the shaft. Bearings are faster and have less friction compared to bushings.

Durable Bright-Zinc Finish

Zine barbell finishes protect against rust very well, so they are perfect for high humidity environments. Plus, the zinc finish on the Oly Lftr shaft works its way into the knurling causing it to be slightly less aggressive on your hands.

Needle Bearings

With needle bearings inside the loading sleeves, you can use the Oly Lftr bar for a variety of lifts. The bearings slide smoothly against the steel sleeve, and provides smooth, low-friction spin. When performing any lift that requires the bar to spin, this barbell will decrease the torque your wrists and elbows must endure. The fast spin makes this a solid barbell for olympic weightlifting.

Maximum Grip

The volcano-style moderate knurling maximizes grip while eliminating sharp points that can tear your hands. Medium knurling is ideal for anyone focusing on high-rep lifts while still maintaining excellent grip on the bar during power lifts. The absence of center knurling is perfect for power cleans, as there is no knurl to cause chest irritation.

again faster evolution olympic barbell with volcano knurling
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