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Rope Replacement Kits


Your speed ropes need to be in top shape for the best workout possible, and sometimes this means getting a tune up. We supply affordable replacement cable kits (cable plus hardware) for Again Faster® Team and Competition Speed Ropes and they all ship for free!

Team and Competition Speed Rope Replacement Kits include:
One 9' 10" long cable
Two plastic end-cap
Two collars with screws

Replacement kits do NOT include handles.
Replacement kits are not compatible with the Revolution X Speed Rope series.

Sizing Instructions

The jump rope should have a silver screw on one end of the cable. First, you ll need to use a screwdriver to loosen or remove the screw. Then you ll just need to move the silver piece down with a little force (it fits fairly tightly on the cable). It works best if you twist the silver piece down and pull at the same time.

To find the right length:
Hold both handles in one hand and step on the middle of the rope
so that your foot holds it to the ground.
Pull the handles up one side of your body until the tip of the handles
reach just over your armpit.
When jumping, your rope should clear your head by about 10-12 inches.

Once you adjust the cable, you can cut the extra cable off with wire cutters. If you ve found the permanent fit for your rope, you can swap the screw/grommet for the crimp, which you can clamp down with pliers. If you re leaving the screw/grommet on, be sure to tighten it as much as possible, and re-tighten periodically after use!

If you have any other questions, please let us know. Enjoy the rope and best of luck with your double unders!

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