jump rope replacement cable red blue green purple
red blue green purple

Rope Replacement Kits


Keep your in top shape with affordable replacement cable kits (cable plus hardware) for Again Faster Team and Competition Speed Ropes.


  • One 9' 10" Cable
  • Two Plastic Caps
  • Two Screw Collars
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Sizing Instructions

  • Hold both handles in one hand and step on the middle of the rope so your foot holds it to the ground.
  • Pull the handles up one side of your body until the tip of the handle reach just over your armpit.
  • Secure the screws and trim the extra cable with wire cutters.
  • When jumping, your rope should clear your head by about 10-12 inches.
  • Be sure to tighten the screw as much as possible, and re-tighten periodically after use!

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