Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna
Sisu Sauna

Sisu Sauna


  • Eddy

  • Edwin

Elevate your wellness game with premium saunas built to last.

The Sisu western red cedar, Amish handcrafted sauna can be placed indoors or outdoors. Due to the ergonomic design of the barrel, enjoy leaning back, laying down on our wide benches, and share a sweat with your friends and family.

  • Handcrafted Sauna
  • Wifi-enabled Heater
  • 120lb Stones
  • Two Cedar Benches
  • Tempered Windows
  • Stainless Hardware

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What you need to know


  • Edwin: 6'x7' Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna. Seating for 6-8 people.
  • Eddy: 6'x4' Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna. Seating perfect for 2 people.


  • 110F - 230F used as both a dry and wet traditional sauna. Heating times vary between 30-60 minutes depending on desired temperature


  • HUUM 4.5KW Wifi Enabled Heater w/ UKU Remote


  • Can be used indoors with no roof kit & outdoors with roof kit


  • Handcrafted in Ohio, USA
  • Finn American & Amish Built
  • Cedar Sourced in US


  • Two people can assemble the Eddy barrel within 2-3 hours


  • Quick Ship in 4 Weeks. Additional shipping charges apply to Alaska & Hawaii.


  • Edwin: Sauna: 72" wide (diameter) x 84" Deep x 76" Tall (includes cradles). Cradles: 3(48" wide x 5.5" deep)
  • Eddy: Sauna: 72" wide (diameter) x 48" Deep x 76" Tall (includes cradles). Cradles: 2(48" wide x 5.5" deep)


  • Edwin: 1000-1050lbs (roof kit dependent)
  • Eddy: 750-800lbs (roof kit dependent)


  • Edwin: 48" wide x 45.5" tall x 88" long (Crated Weight: 1,350lbs)
  • Eddy: 45.5" wide x 44" tall x 72" long (Crated Weight: 1,020lbs)


  • 240v - 30 amp single phase double pull breaker - 10/2 wire (hardwired connection)
  • For further specifications, please head to HUUM's site: https://huumsauna.com/tooted/drop/


  • (Don't worry, we made it easy on you). All you need is a friend & a few hours. The Edwin Barrel was created to make the build-out as simple as possible. All staves are pre-cut and require no additional cutting to make the pieces fit.


  1. Level
  2. Adjustable Wrench
  3. Rubber Mallet
  4. Hammer
  5. #2 Phillips Head Bit, #2 Squared Bit, & Drill
  6. 3/4" Deep Socket & Wrench


  • The HUUM Heater requires a dedicated 240v hardwired line. We recommend contacting an electrician to run the electrical. Estimated costs depending on location: $500-$1,500.


  • We recommend a clear space for the sauna to sit on. Do not rest on grass or dirt. Crushed gravel, river rock, cement, wooden deck, and/or pavers would make for good resting surfaces.


Materials and craftsmanship matter. A sauna is a big decision that you should be very happy with, as it will be a staple of your home for many years. We confidently stand by our product. We guarantee you will love your hand-crafted sauna and if, for some reason, you don’t, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on HUUM Heater
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty on Sauna

Protection against potential construction, manufacturing, and material defects, in addition to rot and decay that renders the product unusable.


  • Ships within 4 weeks.
  • Flat Rate Shipping to customers in lower 48.
  • Additional shipping charges apply to Alaska, Hawaii, AND remote locations.

What is SISU?

SISU (see-su) is more than a word. Its an entire concept from the Finnish culture. Translated literally, it means "inside". However, to the Finnish people, it means determination, courage, bravery, tenacity, and grit.

It helps us confront common obstacles and not give up when things get hard or challenging. You can use the SISU concept as the basis for leading an active, healthy life and making progress toward your goals. With SISU, you let your actions do the talking!

HUUM 4.5KW Drop Heater

DROP stove is inspired by the purest element in nature – a water drop. Its round design softens and livens up the angular interior of a classic sauna, giving it a touch of elegance.

Whether you are at the end of a long working day or going out for a run, with a couple of clicks on your phone you can have hot sauna waiting for you when you get home.

Sauna Science

The benefits of regular and consistent sauna use have been studied in the last decades, and the health and wellness improvements are astonishing. However, sauna therapy has roots dating back to 7000 BC. Early uses were aimed towards getting rid of infectious diseases, but little did the earliest bathers know how extensive the benefits were.

The first dedicated saunas were created in man-made rooms covered in animal skins and had a pile of rocks nestled above a burning fire. Our ancestors would utilize the room to warm up, as bathrooms, and sometimes as a place to sleep. Because of this, family traditions and spirtual beliefs are rooted in the sauna experience.

Fast forward to present day, saunas still carry tradition and belief. This tradition that we intend to deliver to the people across the United States through the Edwin Barrel is something we take immense pride in.