Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set
Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set

Team Barbell 15kg + Plate Set


  • Barbell + 25lb Plates

  • Barbell + 15lb Plates

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Our goal with the Again Faster Team Barbell was to design a piece of equipment that matches the performance and quality of other elite-level olympic bars, while making it durable and affordable enough to be an everyday barbell for any athlete or gym. The result is a strong, smooth, and precise barbell that can take a beating and keep spinning.

What you need to know

The Again Faster Team Barbell 2.0  is truly an all-in-one barbell. Whether you're tackling high rep WODs, heavy powerlifting movements, or olympic weightlifting, the Team Bar excels with exceptional spin and a balanced flex. Tough as nails, the Team Bar will outlast needle bearing barbells and spins for days thanks to its hybrid bearing/bushing design.

  • Hybrid bearing-bushing design provides unmatched spin and durability.
  • Needle and ball bearings enhance spin while self-lubricating bronze bearings stabilize the collars for durability. 
  • Black hard-chrome finish protects the bar from the elements (and your sweat) while provides a feel close to that of an unfinished barbell without the high cost of stainless steel.
  • 209,000 PSI tensile strength spring steel provides amazing whip for dynamic lifts.
  • Our sleeves are machine from solid bar stock, not welded like the competitors, eliminating a potential failure point.
  • The volcano style moderate knurling maximizes grip while eliminating sharp points that can tear your hands.
  • Double snap ring construction means the collars stay put and you don't have to worry about screws coming loose on your barbell.

All Again Faster Olympic Barbells are backed by a lifetime warranty. Click here for details.

WeightShaft DiameterTotal Bar LengthLoadable Sleeve
20kg again faster team barbell

The all-in-one barbell for your home gym

These olympic weightlifting barbells have been tuned to have a balanced flex, making them great whether you're into CrossFit, heavy powerlifting, or Olympic weightlifting. This is truly an all-in-one barbell that belongs in your garage gym. The Team Barbell is available in black hard chrome for a stunning look, great feel and lasting durability. And every bar is backed by a lifetime warranty.

front squats with olympic bar and crumb rubber plates

Unbelieveable Spin. Durability you expect.

A combination of needle bearings and ball bearings provide speed to hit that olympic lift with ease, while the self-lubricating bushings stabilize the collars and enhance durability so you can tackle even the most intense crosstraining workout. Each sleeve is machined from a single piece of steel, not welded like other olympic barbells, and is secured with dual-snap rings.

deadlift with olympic bar and crumb rubber plates
Evolution Olympic Barbell
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