2021 Bacon Beatdown was a Success!

2021 Bacon Beatdown was a Success!
/ Jul 08, 2021

Competitions are the proving grounds for athletes and gear alike. Don’t train hard enough mentally and physically? The “big stage” is going to project that. The same goes for the equipment used during the event. We were proud to see our barbells, bumper plates and 20+ lane rig put to the test by the Bacon Beatdown athletes over the course of three days and stood up to the challenge.

The event was a great opportunity to see what makes the CrossFit community so special. The new adaptive athlete division this year was incredibly inspiring to see. Gyms from across the Southeast came out to not only compete but support their fellow athletes. In addition to the 1,700 athletes, there were another few hundred spectators.

The Again Faster team spent the three days hanging out with the athletes at our booth and sneaking away to catch the excitement of the competition. Being able to connect with other vendors in the expo area allowed for us to deepen our ties to the CrossFit culture. Don’t worry, we still got some gainz at the booth with our Competition Elite Power Rack, Evolution Plates and Team Bar. Deadlifts in the morning and dips in the afternoon rounded out our days.

We loved being a part of such a big event. We will be back next year as the Bacon Beatdown will be rebranded as the Atlantic Coast Classic. Also, this fall, we will be working with the same team who produced the Bacon Beatdown to bring the same high quality equipment to Vanguard in Lakeland, FL. We hope to see you at one of the events soon!