No Rack? No Problem.

No Rack? No Problem.
/ Feb 04, 2021
Again Faster

Customers often call looking for options to train thighs and hips because for various reasons they do not have access to a squat rack. Maybe you're in a small apartment or traveling the country in an RV (I’m a little jealous!).

Today we’re going to give you equipment options for leg training without a rack. Most of these offer great exercise options that are often included in well rounded programming.

If you have a barbell and plates, the deadlift is a great all around training option. The deadlift is widely considered one of (if not the best) lower body exercises. Few things have more basic real world application than picking things up off the ground. All you need is an Again Faster barbell and some crumb bumpers (which won’t destroy your garage floor). It is highly recommended to get professional coaching for technique.

The generally accepted best option for hip and thigh training that does not involve a squat rack is unilateral or single leg training. Many popular options for leg training can be done with just body weight if nothing is available or by adding weights such as a sandbag, kettlebell, or dumbbell to increase the difficulty.

The Lunge is a staple in lower body exercise and can be done anywhere. There are several options for the lunge such as the Forward Lunge, Walking Lunge, Side Lunge, and Reverse Lunge just to name a few of the basic options.

To make the lunge more challenging you can add weight using kettlebells, dumbbells, or a SandBag. Again these can be done anywhere indoor or outdoors.

The next piece of equipment to challenge you would be to add an AF plyo box. Popular use of the plyo box is for jumping on and off of the box for dynamic plyometric (hence the name) style workouts, which can be very effective for building dynamic jumping and leaping power.

The box can also be an extremely useful tool to add more flexibility to your lower body strength training.

Start with the Step up, which can be done both facing the box and facing parallel to the box. These movements are effective for developing your pistol or single leg squat.

The rear elevated split Squat can be done by resting the rear leg on the box and doing single leg squats.

Once you start adding weight to these exercises, they become very challenging.

There are a number of quality options and tools to train the quads and glutes without a power rack. Start with bodyweight and progress to more challenging options listed above. Even once you add a power rack these are good exercises to include in your workout to keep things varied for your body and mind.