Mobile AF, Core Strength

Mobile AF, Core Strength
/ Mar 03, 2021
Nichele McDonald

These three mobility movements will improve core strength for better squats, handstands, and overhead lifts.

Hi, my name is Nichele McDonald. I'm a CrossFit level one coach and yoga instructor.

Here are some movements to help build strength in your core, front and backside body, to stabilize in your squats, overhead movements and anything upside down like handstands and handstand pushups and handstand walking.

First, we'll start in a hollow body shape, low back into the ground. Knees can start bent, arms forward, and then you'll extend the legs out and take the arms overhead, keeping this nice and tight, and hold it.

Then you would rotate onto your belly for Superman, working those low back muscles, lifting the legs and lifting the arms. And then you would repeat to the other side.

Another movement's the V-Up. Open up wide, and then bring the legs up and back down. To modify this, you can also do it with bent knees.

And then building stability in the plank, shoulders stacked right over wrists, shoulder taps opposite hands to shoulder, and trying to keep the hips as still as possible, just building stability for movements such as handstands, gripping the fingers into the mat, so you can take little handstand-prepped hops using the knee as a counterbalance. Nice strong arms and breathe.