Mobile AF, Chest & Shoulders

Mobile AF, Chest & Shoulders
/ Mar 03, 2021
Nichele McDonald

Be mobile AF. Nichele McDonald demonstrates movements to prepare you for overhead squats and snatches by opening up your chest and shoulders.

Hi, my name is Nichele McDonald. I'm a CrossFit level one coach and yoga instructor.

Here are a couple stretches that you can do to help your mobility for the overhead squat, snatches. We'll be working on opening up the chest and shoulder area.

So, you'll start in table top. We're going to thread the needle, reach the right arm to the sky, thread it underneath, lay the head down, and take the other arm overhead, take a few deep breaths there. And then you'll switch it to the other side.

Another one we can do is take a foam roller or yoga blocks, place your elbows on, and then you're just going to melt the head between the arms and bring your thumbs towards the back of the neck and breathe.

And then the last one will do on our belly. You'll take your arm to a 90 degree angle and then float the leg over and breathe.