Mobile AF, Hips & Hamstrings

Mobile AF, Hips & Hamstrings
/ Mar 03, 2021
Nichele McDonald

Be Mobile AF! Nichele McDonald demonstrates movements that will relieve tight hips and hamstrings.

Hi, my name is Nichele McDonald. I'm a CrossFit Level 1 coach and yoga instructor.

Here are some hip and hamstring stretches you can do helping mobility and your back squat, front squat, deadlifts, pistols.

I will start with pigeon. Bring your knee to your wrist and then keep the hips nice and centered. And you'll fold forward onto the forearms. And breathe, relaxing that left hip, or whichever leg is in front.

Another one, you'll need a band. Laying on your back. You'll put the band around the arch of the foot and just hold that leg straight, pulling it towards you slightly. And then you'll open that band up to the left and then take it across the body, stretching through that IT band.

And then the last one is frog. Coming to your knees, making sure your ankles are in line with your knees. And coming onto the forearms. And then slightly sitting the hips back. You want to hold all of these for a good 30 seconds to a minute.