Rowing Strategies from Games athlete, Brooke Haas

Rowing Strategies from Games athlete, Brooke Haas
/ Oct 07, 2021
Brooke Haas

Cardio is a great supplement to your weight training program. In our experience, rowing has been a low impact option for people from all athletic backgrounds. We asked CrossFit Games athlete, Brooke Haas, for some tips on getting the most out of your rowing WOD whether you are rowing for Calories or Meters.

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At the end of the day, if you are focusing on calories, you want to work on keeping your stroke rate lower and a more powerful drive. You want to think about generating POWER. If you are working on meters, you need a higher stroke rate and to find a pace you can maintain for the entirety of the workout.

Good luck and we hope you were able to find something from this video to knock your next rowing WOD out of the water.